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Matriarch of Honour

  • Saturday, Mar 24, 2018

It was an awesome time for participants at the 41st edition of All Nations Women Congress on World Evangelization that held third week of March. The theme of the congress is “The Dynamic Home Builder” and a recurring sub-theme that ran through the 2-day meeting was pegged around “Anointed Matriarch”.

Rev. Oyenike Areogun, the convener of the congress harped over and over again that the woman was designed by God to build anointed dynasty on the earth. She pointed out so clearly that the woman is a builder – 

she will either build a home, generation, nation unto honour or dishonour, depending on who she chooses to corporate with.

Putting the message from the Congress in the context of one of Francine Rivers’ novels that I just finished reading; 

A Lineage of Grace reaffirms the sacred role that a woman was ordained to play in the order of things.

A Lineage of Grace is one of the most revealing novels I have ever read. It broke me, taught me and drew me to search the word of God with fresh insight. Though a novel and a fictional genre at that, A Lineage of Grace reveals five amazing women that stood out in the hall of fame of the genealogy of Jesus Christ as accounted in the first chapter of the book of Matthew.

The names of four of the women were explicitly mentioned and one implied; Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary.

These women lived different generations and centuries apart but one thing cuts across them; they were all ancestresses of Jesus Christ.  Though unlikely characters they were, they all had the great honour of being gateways to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Tamar was a Canaanite lady.

She belonged to a tribe that the Israelites were forbidden from marrying. Judah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob for reasons best known to him dwelt among the Canaanite and married Tamar for his first son Er. Despite the route, Tamar traversed in taking laws into her hand (playing the harlot on Judah) and becoming the mother Perez... She found grace and was a key rebuilder of the house of Judah, of the generation of Jesus.

Rahab, a renowned Jericho prostitute demonstrated faith in God when she hid the spies sent by Joshua. 

Through her action and the scarlet thread that hung down her window, she and her entire household found salvation when Jericho went down. Rahab a foreign woman with dirty background became a key builder in the Lineage of Christ as she became grafted among God’s people. She gave birth to Boaz, Boaz gave birth to Obed, Obed to Jesse and Jesse, King David.

What about Ruth? A Moabite lady who believed in the God that Naomi served forsook father and mother; the beautiful land of gods of the Moabite to follow an old woman whose future seemed bleak. 

In the noble town of Bethlehem, she met Boaz who redeemed her. I wonder if Ruth had a chance of meeting her mother-in-law, Rahab a woman of faith. Ruth begat Obed who gave birth to Jesse and Jesse, King David.

I wonder also if king David met his great-grandmother, Ruth, a woman of great courage.

And Bathsheba? The one still being referred to as the wife of Uriah! Adultery is a sin and sin would always have consequences.

Solomon, the son of Bathsheba became the heir to the throne of his father, David. Solomon was not David’s first son but he sat on the throne. He touched the heart of God and his father. A well-groomed child is always a product of the grooming of his mother. Could Bathsheba have repented from the adultery? Did she turn back to God? She built. She found grace!

Mary the mother of Jesus! A peasant girl found favour in the sight of God and became blessed among women. She was hand-picked by God to be a vessel of honour to give life to our Messiah, Jesus Christ. One witty statement by Mary that eternity will never forget is; 

“…let it be done to me according to what you have said…” (Luke 1:38); the statement of a builder.

These women and many more have played significant roles in building something that history will always remember them for good. You and I are in the arena now, building daily with our words, deeds actions, and inactions.

I pray that we build something of eternal glory.  



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