Post: Lessons Learnt From War Room.

Lessons Learnt From War Room.

  • Monday, Dec 26, 2016

One of the ways my family and I relax most Sunday evenings is with a good movie and of all the movies that we saw this year, War Room, a movie directed by Alex Akendrick and produced by Stephen Kendrick topped our list!

Going by the title and the opening of the movie, I was expecting lots firing and action but I never knew we were in for the real action.  I was humbled at the inspiration of the movie.

A quick synopsis of War Room

The movie talks about a young family that was rocking the boat of marriage. The couples, Tony (T.C Stallings) and Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) were at the brink of breaking apart until Elizabeth crossed path with Clara (Karen Abercrombie) in the course of her job as a realtor.

Clara an elderly widow schooled Elizabeth on the strategy of warfare, on how to fight and win in the war room. She loaded her with arms and missiles to fire with in the battles of her marriage.

Elizabeth diligently carried out all she had learned from Clara. She created her own war (a prayer room), loaded up her arms with the right bullets and missiles (targeted scriptures for her situation) and began to fire at her enemies (pray and take authority over every on assignment to break her home).

Her husband Tony was broken and restored back to God, and her marriage got a new colour.

Lessons Learnt

1.      The real enemy is the devil: It is very easy to forget that our spouses are not the enemy. We spend time to fight loosed battles by hitting at our spouses physically or verbally when 1 Cor. 10:3-5 has stated who the real dude is. Until we stop fighting with the wrong person and face the real guy, we are yet to put on our boxing gloves and climb into the ring.

2.   To win a battle, we must have the right strategy: Now that we have climbed into the boxing ring, we have to go by rules lest we get knocked out. Rev. Olusola Areogun taught that we pray effectively when we pray according to the word of God. In the movie, Elizabeth won the battle over her home when she selected targeted scriptures relating to her situation and fired appropriatly.

3.      Prayer for your Spouse: Tony was at the brink of sleeping with Veronica but for the timely prayer of Elizabeth. A few minutes of flings with a strange woman can set a ripple effect that has the capacity of a torrential bonfire to break a home down. Thank God for a praying wife.

4.      No Situation is Hopeless: Honestly, there are some marital situations that seem hopeless by every rational calculation. Friends and families most of the times have written them off but the right strategy can restore  such home back to God's original design. The movie is pegged on 2 Chronicles 7:14. Truly, if we will humble ourselves and pray, God will hear us, forgive our sins and heal our homes.

5.      Turn your Situation to Ministry: This was the title of a particular course in Women in Ministry Mentorship Program (WIMMP), a ministerial training for women in the Dream Centre Church. Clara Williams, learnt how to keep a home in the hard way after she lost her husband. She did not throw in the towel; rather, she drew closer to God, repented and began to mentor younger women on how to keep their homes on the knees in the war room. She turned her ugly situation to a ministry and became a real blessing. 

6.      Pay it forward: Clara charged Elizabeth to do the same for other women who are going through the same situation that she conquered. Share your victories with others and help someone else to stand.

The most electrifying scene for me was the final scene when Clara got into her war room and began to intercede for nations. Her intercession restored lots of homes back to God’s original intent. The question that I asked myself was, can God depend on me?


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