Post: Faucets and Outlets

Faucets and Outlets

  • Thursday, May 23, 2019

A colleague of mine was very concerned about a WhatsApp status shared by one of his friends that suggested looming suicide. The suspicious status fueled rescue team mobilized by his friends. 

Another young guy trying to commit suicide and according to my colleague, that was not his first attempt!

The rate of suicide reports in recent time is becoming worrisome. Surprisingly, statistics reveal that the majority of the recent suicide cases comprise of youths who are in their prime, young men (in particular) in their 20s.

In the last few weeks, I have lost count of news of suicide cases that I have read and some of the reasons they gave ranged from heartbreaks to failing an examination, to inability to pay house rent, frustration due to unemployment and the list goes on.

I think the culprit behind this suicide malady is “depression”.

I have been pondering on how people get to the point where they throw in the towel and take their lives. A question keeps running through my mind; was it that there was nobody at all that they could have shared their struggles with? 

Here are my thoughts on solutions that could help curb it;  

#1: Turn on the Faucet

Pressure is unavoidable and life will keep throwing things, expected and unexpected, pleasant and unpleasant at us and we have the option to respond or react to them. We all will be fazed with some degree of pressure either from career, business, home, finance, relationships or more.

How do we deal with pressure?

From experience, observation and study, I have found that we all need to turn on the faucet to deal with pressure and remain sane. As life throw in stuff that will increase our pressure, we must keep the faucet open to let it out.

Literarily, a faucet is a valve controlling the release of a liquid or gas just like the tap in your kitchen or toilet.

When we bottle up emotions and pent up frustrations, the emotions can overflow into dangerous thoughts that could lead of suicidal actions but no matter how much flow of water comes out of the faucet, once there is a drainage where the water or liquid can flow into, it will never overflow or wreck damage. We all know how devastating the recent cyclones and the flooding that ensued have been to the affected nations like Mozambique.

You must learn to turn on your faucet! Speak out! Don’t keep it in!  There must be someone you can talk to. Get help! Have a healthy way of letting out the emotions.

#2: Be an Outlet for Someone

Imagine leaving your tap opened with your sink blocked? The outcome would be a house flooded with water. I have experienced it in the past. 

This principle applies also in life.

When the faucet gets turned on, if the drainage is blocked, it will lead to flooding but no matter the amount of water flowing from your tap, once the sink is not blocked, it will flow seamlessly into the drainage. 

Interestingly, the soil will never tire of absorbing water.

We must cultivate a healthy outlet that takes in the streams of emotion.

An outlet could represent the listening ear of a loved one, a shoulder to cry on when you are overwhelmed, a soothing pat on the back, that gentle words of a mother, the kind gesture of a friend, a simple text to check up on a relative, a brief hello to your neighbor to find out how he is doing, just anything…

The frenzy of urban life makes most of us too selfish to take a moment to actually listen to the silence of a friend. We are becoming too busy to care

Most of the time, people do not need our money, they just need a bit of our time. Just a call and words of encouragement could help douse the pressure of that friend of yours. 

A good talk over dinner with your spouse could deflate the pressure of the day. Heartfelt laughter shared with a friend could clear the cloud and melt the wax.

Being an outlet does not take much from us but could mean so much to another person.

We need to turn on the faucet to let out the emotions and we need to learn to be outlets for people as they too drain!

But the real question is “do we have genuine outlets? Do people still have at least that one person they can call a friend? Do you have someone (or people) who genuinely have your back?”  

This leads to the next issue I think is leading to the all-time high suicide cases; the charade of social media life.

I will dwell on this in my next post.



  • Ryta Abiodun

    ... it's God's Spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty One, that makes wise human insight possible. Job 32:8. I am a God chaser, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a Nigerian.

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    Great one ma! This is so inspiring ... More oil. ( Paul Yakubu.)

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    Really good post.

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    Nice write-up. If this is given a wide publicity it will go a long way in reducing the looming state of suicide in our society.

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    This write up,have made my night and my entire generation. More grace. All praise to God,for coming in contact with this great writer and being.

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    Kalos! this is quite exciting and also eye opening. Weldon ma

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    Thanks Paul.

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    I appreciate Anne

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