Growing up Too Fast

  • Thursday, Feb 22, 2018


I recently listened to a song by Rachel Aldous titled “A Mother’s Prayer” and I love it. I have been listening to the song for some days. The lyrics are just too awesome. Initially, I found the last two lines of the chorus amusing. The line goes; 

May you cherish your Youth


Celebrating Chinua Achebe's 87th Posthumous Birthday

  • Thursday, Nov 16, 2017


Back in primary school, books like Chike and the River, How the Leopard Got His Claws and a few other children stories made my book collections. I read them over and over again. Thinking about it now, I understand why I enjoyed reading those books;

Chinua Achebe was a great story teller.


120 Years Gone | Over 2,500 Benin Artifacts Still at European Museums

  • Friday, Oct 27, 2017


One of the most remarkable events in Southern Nigeria towards the end of the 18th century was the Famous Benin Massacre also termed “Punitive Expedition” of 1897 and 120 years later down the line, the ripple effect of the event is yet to be resolved.


NCC Declares 2017 “Year of Telecom Consumer”

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


On March 15 2017, NCC launched a campaign tagged "Year of Telecom Consumer" a drive that aims at bringing you a telecom consumer at the centre of the network by protecting and empowering you as well as fostering quality services to serve you better.

This move is timely because it is about time Nigeria’s telecommunications consu... Read more >>

6 Cyber Scam Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


Technology and the cyberspace at large is a two edged sword; it can make good if well applied and it can cut deep and hurt sour if misused and not understood.

A great number of people have fallen victim if wellword; it can make good if you apply the right side and it can cut and hurt so deep if you missu Read more >>

5 Savory African Recipes

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


The thrilling feel that good meal holds in the heart of everyone both old and young is a timeless open secret that is as old as time.

Food has always been an instrumental tool for family bonding and a good meal is helps to strengthen the bond even more.


8 Hot Buka spots in Lagos

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


One thing about Lagos, Nigeria’s centre of excellent city, Africa’s creative hub and one of the world’s most teeming city with vibrant and lucid talents is the mixed tongues and tribes that make up the city.

The diversity of Lagos is found not just in the business excellence, cultural innovativeness but in the mixed spice and herbs of... Read more >>

Bouncing Back to Work after Vacation

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


After days or weeks of lazing in sandy beaches, bathing your skin under the sultry sun, watching crystal blue water, playing water sports, out on jungle safaris, exploring new cuisines and night life, the thoughts of going back to work might make you baulk.

A week away from work, depending on your organisation can leave you with piles of mails, files, ... Read more >>

How to Make Crispy Spiced Fried Chicken

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


It may make your tummy rumble in excitement to know that you don’t have to make a stop at any Kentucky Fried Chicken before you can have a taste of those crispy and spicy fried chickens that makes KFC tick!

What if you could make it right in... Read more >>

Kenya Jungle Safari | Top 7 Tourist Attractions

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


Famous for its classic safaris, Kenya is a country of dramatic extremes and classic contrasts.

Some of the things you cannot take away from Kenya are the open plains, the metropolis of Nairobi, colourful tribal cultures and fresh water lakes. For many people, Kenya is east Africa’s choice tourist destinations.


A Weekend in Uganda |Africa’s Pride

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


A weekend is not enough to explore Uganda but it is surely enough to fall in love with it.

Uganda is an enchanting country in all ramifications with beautiful hospitable people, stunning views, and tasty cuisines.


Uyo| To See; To Eat; To Stay!

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


Known for being impeccably clean and organized and an ocean front which spans from one end of the city to the other, Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom presents a picture of alluring seaside, mangrove forest, attractive sand beach resorts, and other fascinating places to visit.

Uyo is a pocket-si...

Zanzibar Archipelago| Tourist Haven!

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


If your idea of vacation is a blend a jungle safari and idling on the beach with abundant sunshine to give your skin that delicate tan, then Zanzibar should top your list as it is tourists’ number one island paradise.

This semi-independent part of Tanzania in East Africa reputable for i... Read more >>

Copenhagen Denmark | Top Holiday Destiny

  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017


Life isn't always a fun fare but in Copenhagen Denmark, the capital of the world’s happiest people according to the UN in 2013, people are happy anyway and you can be sure to get infested with it as you join millions of visitors that spend their vacations at Copenhagen each year, all eager to soak up the exciting ambiance.


Unlikely Subject | Birds

  • Monday, Oct 16, 2017


Why keep a bird if its nesting place is not conducive, if there are no good enough puddle for birdbath, if it can feed better or simply better off without you? It is a great experience keeping birds if you can meet its basis needs.

Nesting your Bird

...

Sanitary Pad and the Girl Child

  • Thursday, Oct 12, 2017


Sanitary pad is considered pivotal as it has played instrumental role in helping to restore the dignity of the girl, improved her health, enhanced her confidence and very importantly, promotes the education of the girl child through the eliminating of absenteeism.


Rita, You Have Been Fired!

  • Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017


Exactly one year today, I was laid off from my job.

The director of the school where I was teaching English Language invited me to her office and after a few minutes of “Rita I am sorry I have been asked to terminate your appointment. You may need to get some more training in teaching and probably reapply in the nearest future. Good luck”. ... Read more >>

Why School is Impractical

  • Monday, Oct 9, 2017


I recently had a few university students come to our training centre, BRYTAHUB, to figure out a programming assignment they had. And, as expected, it's some assignment on elementary programming in BASIC, FORTRAN...

I got a bit concerned and asked:


Abuja | Africa’s Emerging Business Hub

  • Monday, Oct 9, 2017


Abuja, the capital seat of Nigeria is gradually shifting from being just a home for politicians and top government officials to a choice hub for business incubation.

The political, economic, social and technological climate is making it the second fastest growing city in West Africa with estimated growth of 5% per annum according to a report by Guardian in 2016. Read more >>

This is Abuja!

  • Monday, Oct 9, 2017


After about 30 minutes drive into Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria  from the airport, one sure structure that would help you sit back and relax as you drink in the tranquility of Abuja is the city gate that arcs out like an out stretched arm ready for a warm embrace with the inscription ‘You are Welcome’. It makes you want to ask ‘where have I been in the last 30 minutes?



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