Dear Mother!

  • Sunday, Mar 22, 2020


Today is Mother's Day and two Sundays ago was International Women's Day. I took time out to celebrate the mothers and women in my life for their labour over me. I do not take their love for granted at all, especially my biological mum. I am a product of the nurturing I have received from people who have played the role of a mother to me.




  • Sunday, Mar 8, 2020



In recent months, I have been mulling over the meaning of empathy and pray to gain deeper insight into the subject. 


Marking Anniversaries!

  • Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019


Sometime last week, one of my elder sisters marked her 10th Read more >>

Once Upon a Hen and Her Chicks

  • Sunday, Sep 8, 2019


I had a beautiful experience this evening. 

I left my house to quickly get something close by. Walking down the street and taking in the evening breeze, my attention was drawn to a frenzy flapping and agitation of a hen. When I drew ... Read more >>

10 Years On...

  • Monday, Aug 5, 2019


Few days ago, I saw a virtual reality exhibition showcasing the story of 37-year-old Hannatu Yusuf, a mother of nine children and an IDP  from Baga in Borno State. The exhibition is about Hannatu's reflection on her most cherished possession that she is still Holding On to after she was forced to flee her home in a hurry when her community came under Boko Haram attack years ago. Read more >>

Aesthetics in Functionality

  • Tuesday, Jul 9, 2019


My family and I just returned from a week-long trip a few days ago and I was quite taken aback at the dust I found around the house.

I ensured the house was thoroughly cleaned before we traveled and the amount of cobwebs the spider spun made me wonder if we were away longer than a week. I also noticed moist and about and around ... Read more >>

Mercy Overarching

  • Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019


“I can’t find my laptop” 


Birthday Blues

  • Tuesday, Jun 11, 2019


As we grow and advance in life, birthdays gradually shift from the groovy euphoria to a serious moment of retrospect.

A realization suddenly hits you in the head, Gbagan! 'I am XX years today, what have I done with my life'?  And suddenly we begin to wonder how time went by so quickly.


Quest for True Unity

  • Thursday, May 30, 2019


I feel sad that we celebrated Inauguration yesterday 29th, we will celebrate Democracy 12th of June & today 30th of May, a section of Nigeria is celebrating Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day. Read more >>

Faucets and Outlets

  • Thursday, May 23, 2019


A colleague of mine was very concerned about a WhatsApp status shared by one of his friends that suggested looming suicide. The suspicious status fueled rescue team mobilized by his friends. 

Another young guy trying to commit suicide and according to my colleague, that was not his first attempt!


Aljenu| Another Shade of Abuse

  • Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019


My brief stay at Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Katsina revealed to me another shade of abuse of the female gender that is still prevalent in some parts of Nigeria deeply hidden in some cultural beliefs and norms.

I spent a few days at the Post Natal Ward of FMC, Katsina. My first night was typified by horror and shock. 

<...

Count your Blessings

  • Monday, Dec 31, 2018


What was 2018 like for you? 

Was the last 365 days at sync with the picture you had in mind when the year started? Did you meet your set targets?  Were you just around the corner at nailing it or was it a low one for you?


Freshly Pressed

  • Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018


There is something about wine that naturally spurs a toast. A celebration is almost never considered complete without a bottle of wine being popped because sweet wine cheers the heart and gladdens the soul, more so, fresh wine. 

Quick review!


New Wines

  • Tuesday, Dec 4, 2018


Can you make do with fresh wine in your marriage and courtship? 

As the year wound down, so have most wines in homes run down. Some of us need an outright change of wineskin to accommodate the new wines, some just need to topple up the wine bottle to come up to a better gauge while some need to pour in fresh wines because the one currently available hav... Read more >>

Toxic - Word for Year 2018

  • Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018


I read in the paper a few days ago that the word ‘toxic’ made it as Oxford word for the year. Oxford Dictionaries proprietary data revealed a 45% rise in lookups for the word and a descriptor for the most talked about topics in 2018.

Top two words that ma...

Absolute Baseline

  • Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018


Life operates by principles, and baselines are standing values that cut across every aspect of life. For example, the baseline for mastering any language is rooted in the alphabets, and the baseline for numeracy is in numbers. 

The baseline always sets the foundation for any structure: physical, mental, spiritual and social. 


At the Crossroad of Enaim

  • Thursday, Jul 26, 2018


At the crossroad of Enaim, Tamar beguiled Judah. Taking laws into her hands, she forced from him what he should have given willingly. 



…I have food & I can Eat

  • Friday, Apr 6, 2018


I recently found myself singing a rhyme that we used to sing in nursery school just before we ate our meals. The song goes this way;

Some have food but cannot eat


Matriarch of Honour

  • Saturday, Mar 24, 2018


It was an awesome time for participants at the 41st edition of All Nations Women Congress on World Evangelization that held third week of March. The theme of the congress is “The Dynamic Home Builder” and a recurring sub-theme that ran through the 2-day meeting was pegged around “Anointed Matriarch”. Read more >>

Negligence or What?

  • Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018


On my way to work three Fridays ago on a major expressway just by University of Abuja Staff quarters, I saw an accident that involved six vehicles; two trucks, a commuter bus and three saloon cars.

Tens of passengers from the...


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